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30 Illuminating Torch Logo for Your Inspiration

Logo – the perfect way to convey the business or event message to potential audience always needs something unique and identical that can promote it to the larger population effectively. Different designers have applied different approaches when designing the logo in order to create unique yet communicating logo. Today, I want to share something very efficient that will give your logo an identity that can promote your businesses or events as a most reliable, well-reputed and honorable worldwide. Apart from this, for those who are looking about how to design the illuminating logos, specifically the torch logos, this posts works like a wonderful assistance.  Lets starts with most excellent and vigilantly selected torch logo inspirations.

1. Liberty Lawsuit Funding

This logo is specifically designed for a lawsuit and funding company that hold the major aim of earning the customers’ trust. The torch icon used in this logo identifies this company as the most trustworthy among all the other that gives light (help) in time of need.

Liberty Lawsuit

2. Firewater Solutions

The excellent combination of fire and water, this logo gives an awesome inspiration for those who are trying to design such logos.

Firewater Solutions

3. Luxline

This is an inspirational candle logo that represents the torch effects. This logo is designed for a gold company.


4. Torch Propane

If you need help for fuel in night, Torch Propane helps its customers right away. If you want to give your logo such dynamic look, get idea with this logo.

Torch Propane


5. Consulting Solutions

Again, when you need to earn the trust of your customers, torch always gives the unlimited trustworthiness to your logo. Try it!

Consulting Solutions


6. Providence Companies

Light house can also be used if you are willing to give your logo the illuminating effects.

Providence Companies

7. Olimpuce

For sports events, such logo inspiration works as an effective idea. Try this and make unique logo.


8.  NFPT Logo

This logo has been created for ‘The National Federation of Professional Trainers’ (NFPT). Check this simple yet alluring logo inspiration.



9. Herman Cain 2012

This logo has been created by ‘Grigoriou’ for Republican presidential nominee Herman Cain. Check out this ultimately created logo using torch that gives it a unique identity.

Herman Cain 2012


10. Light Bearers

This logo is being designed for an educational ministry. Get some good ideas if you have got the contract of creating logo for education or learning institute.

Light Bearers


11. Torque

Check out the simplicity of this logo. By giving it a torch effects, this logo became an excellent example for logo designers.


12. Strong Light

As its name indicates it is something that gives out light/help in times of need. So, try this torch logo design as a help.

Strong Light


13. Verba-Lex

A law firm logo holding torch as a symbol of help in legal issues. It is very elegant design planned by Aleksandra Malecka.



14. School Logo Concept

Designed by Carlos Fernandez, this torch symbolized logo is best idea for logo designers to create such logos for educational and schooling institutes.

School Logo Concept


15. Yeslingo

This is perfect logo example for those who want their logo be colorful yet attractive. In this logo, the color spreading torch is a good example for sports and arts companies.


16. Olympics 2012

This is very good logo inspiration designed by ‘Sumedha’; check out how we can redesign the logos in a specific way.

Olympics 2012


17. Pospenas Indonesia

This logo is proposed by Hanuman Shakti. The color combination is really impressive as well as the design of a torch.

Pospenas Indonesia


18. Freedom

Very simple yet stylish logo design, see how you can create this logo by using this idea.



19. Asian Beach Game

Very impressively created logo, using torch as a symbol of power, courage, and strength for participants. Get idea to create such logos easily.

Asian Beach Game


20. St. Petersburg 2020

Check this excellent torch logo example for sports and games events. You can give it different look and design to enhance its attraction.

St. Petersburg 2020

21. Taeda

In this logo, hand is holding a fire demonstrates that we need courage and hope. Taeda is a Latin word that means torch.



22. Olympic Logo Idea

See how you can give an existing logo an innovative and creative look. Try this out to create awesome torch logos.

Olympic Logo Idea


23. FLI Logo

Logo designed by Josh Lewis for the Focus Leadership Institute is really an alluring work symbolizes torch as a success.

FLI Logo


24. InterLinces

Designed for a sports event, it is awesome logo by ‘Frontalsk8’. If you are looking to create a logo for upcoming sports event, try this out!



25. Freedom Light

Excellent logo for welfare and charity organizations. It will help you out for sure in order to create simple yet appealing torch logo.

Freedom Light


26. IAFF Logo

It is designed by James Coats; IAFF logo is best inspiration for making a sports logo.



27. Modern Torch Logo

Check step by step making process of this torch logo and get help for creating one for you.

Modern Torch Logo


28. FADA University

FADA university logo has been designed by Perry Albrigo; check out the color combination and excellent design of a logo that makes it different among all the other such torch logos.

FADA University


29. Education Logo

Torch along book indicates the strength needed for achieving educational goals and success. Use this idea for your logos and see how it gives apparent look to your projects.

Education Logo


30. Stone Torch Logo

Stone Torch logo is being designed by John Amio, banner plus torch makes this logo unique and identical.

Stone Torch Logo

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