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minimalist free ecommerce wordpress theme

15+ Best Free eCommerce WordPress Themes 2017

Free WordPress eCommerce Themes here are very resourceful for those in need of shopping store theme for online store markets and shops. Download and start making beautiful eCommerce solutions for your clients easily with these pre-made WordPress themes which are for free.

With growing number of global online markets it is important to get the best theme for your business to compete in style and with full functionality. Easy shopping with easy cart setups, checkout will interest many of the clients to keep buying products from your website. Take your time to go through these totally awesome WordPress eCommerce themes and some of these are released in 2016, 2017 and also featured with responsive design layout. Find 35 Free Responsive WordPress Themes and more WordPress themes from the category section which are updated weekly.

Get ready to find some premium stuff here


A stylish and elegant theme for online shops, with a beautiful design and great features. It provides a full-screen animated slider that brings a classy parallax scrolling, carousels for products, and ribbons where you can add either images or videos. In the footer, you can add custom widgets, such as an About box, top products based on their user ratings, categories etc.

ShopIsle has a nice, neat, and clean shop section, made to put your products first. Users can add ratings through comments. The theme is also responsive, translation ready, and SEO friendly. You can customize it the way you want as it provides user-friendly customization options as well.

Demo More Info / Download

shopisle ecommerce theme

Shophistic Lite

A grid style product listing theme with minimal listing features yet offering powerful functionality for your small online store. Utilize this theme for your online shop as it supports woocommerce plugin which lets you easily display and add products.

The theme is responsive and shows itself great even on retina ready displays. Simplistic animations make the theme look professional and it is multilingual ready.


Shophistic Lite - woocommerce theme

Shopera – Modern Shopping Theme

If you are looking for a highly customization theme to setup your online store or digital web shop then this Shopera will get you started. The woo-commerce plugin support and incredible responsive product pages will increase your hits right away across multiple platforms.

Demo | Download

highly customizable free WooCommerce theme

Shopper free eCommerce theme

A responsive eCommerce theme for your online retail store  with a simple interface to sell items quickly. The gallery style layout might be useful to list a set of products on your homepage. There is support for woocommerce plugin and cart.

Demo | Download


eElectronics WordPress Theme

An eCommerce theme with woo commerce support with eye catching design and well integrated products pages.

Demo | Download

electronics wp theme

EShop Free Responsive Woocommerce Theme

Eshop is a professional woocommerce theme for fashion, electronics or any store who might be deciding on putting up online. The responsive design is fluid on all devices and also includes a detailed documentation to setup the theme right away.

Demo | Download


Virtue Free WordPress eCommerce Theme

Virtue free theme is extremely versatile. For a free theme it’s loaded with tons of premium options. You will find it easy to customize and fully loaded with great features. The clean modern design is built with html5 and css3 and uses the powerful responsive framework from Bootstrap to be a fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Demo | Download

Product Virtue Theme

Bearded eCommerce WordPress Theme

An eCommerce solution with Woo-commerce plugin which will help you to setup your own shopping theme in no time. This four column free WordPress theme is flat in design and responsive in layout.



Petshopper – Free Responsive WordPress ecommerce Pet Themes

Petshopper is a powerful WordPress eCommerce theme that allows you to sell pets products or to create a nice corporate site with a creative design.

Demo | Download

Petshopper ecommerce theme

Socute – Free minimalistic WooCommerce theme

Socute is a clean and minimalistic Woo Commerce theme, designed with a great responsive design. It employes a powerful plugin, Woo Commerce that enables the creation of a versatile and rich WordPress shop, with thousand of layout options.

Demo | Download

Socute Beautiful E-Commerce Theme

 Kidshop – A creative Kids ecommerce theme

Kidshop is the new WordPress e-commerce theme developed thinking about children’s world. It is designed with a great responsive design and thanks to the powerful Woo Commerce plugin you can create a versatile and completely customizable WordPress shop.




Light Ecommerce Website Template – Simple Online Store Theme

Simple is a free ecommerce template officially supported by Shopify. It works as well on mobile devices as it does on large monitors. It features sleek animations, easy to customize settings, and sub categories that appear if your products have tags.



New Standard

The New Standard is an official Shopify theme created by Pixel Union. Its clean and minimalist design makes it a suitable option for selling any type of product. It is one of the most feature rich themes to date, with its Twitter integration, signup form, filterable collections and much more .


minimalist theme


Mystile is a clean, lightweight WooCommerce theme, designed as a canvas which you can use as-is, or easily create a unique design to match your products. The theme is responsive as standard, and comes bundled with plenty of options and alternate colour schemes.




Xenastore is an ecommerce WordPress theme. This theme depends on an ecommerce plugin called Cart66 to function as an e-commerce portal. This is a free plugin with an option to upgrade to a paid pro version. The theme is feature rich with custom post types, taxonomies, metaboxes, Theme options etc.





Ecommerce wordpress themes are always in demand and almost all good ecommerce themes are paid themes. Thats why we bring you an all free ecommerce WordPress theme . This theme is designed to work with the Cart66 ecommerce plugin.



About Allie Kingsley

Allie Kingsley is a social media manager for designscrazed. She is crazy about new gadgets and up to date with latest technology trends. Use comments to notify any issues you are facing.

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  1. leonardo

    Allie thanks for shared this templates , such a beautiful templates , I have a question what is the difference between the free version or the premium version I was looking but i couldnt found anything

    anyway beautiful themes

    • Allie Kingsley

      Ah, there are only free ones here. Can you tell me which premium ones are you mentioning ? Let us know if you found any new.

      • Daniel

        I do belive leonardo refers to the Virtue Theme that has a premium version(45.00$).

        • deepak

          allie is right ,we want a theme which attracts our customers……

          • Ryan Jacobs

            Allie i am personally using Ducan and WpStore from themeforest which are well managed and easily customizable premium themes, these themes can do wonders to any online store easily.

          • Brian

            Hi Allie,

            Another excellent roundup as always :)
            @Ryan I have seen Ducan on themeforest it is a beautiful theme.

            May I also suggest this Free WooCommerce theme: iTek( available on

            Let me know your thoughts?

            Thanks again,


      • its free Allie Kingsley

  2. Robert

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  10. Inspired9

    These are great looking themes.

    Do you know what the differences are between the Socute free theme and the paid version? It says there is a paid version, but I don’t see a list which shows the difference between the free and paid version.

  11. R Dillon

    Hi I would like to know how to use the template after it is downloaded? Thanks.

    • stickon

      Is it really free? How can I use the template? Please advise. Thanks.

      • Simri

        I was thinking if “socute” template and may be others are not free.
        I’ve downloaded it but don’t know how to install it.
        Is there any “read me” file that explaining us how to use it?
        Is there any advice how to use it?


        • Jessica

          Hey Simiri,

          To use the template you first need to install WordPress in your domain server. Check out the famous 5 min installation doc. You can just google it. After the installationyou can either upload it in Wp site itself in the themes-> add new section or in through FTP at wp-content->themes->your new theme. its not a big deal at all. If you still face some difficulty you can just hire some freelancer for you. Cheers!

  12. Rutger

    When I download one off this themes is I need a good ecommerce plugin. Can some one tell me which free ecommerce plugin is easy in use?

    I only need it for the way it looks I do not need a shoppingcart and checkout. I will only work with offers special for the whishes of the customer.



  13. Lobsang

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  20. Sandeep Likhar

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    Hi, great post. But I am trying to use the KID SHOP theme and I am not having any luck. Is there a problem with that theme that you know of?

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    Timothy Montoya

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    Please give free template.


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  29. Rocsi Price

    So, im trying to install SoCute theme but its saying “The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.” what do I do? please help. thank you

    • Rio

      You must might have to ask your hosting provider to do that. Increase upload_max_filesize limit in their php.ini file.

  30. Michelle

    Nice collection of WordPress eCommerce themes you have shared with us . I really like your collection and will surely use such themes in my new project.Template-toaster is also another way to design fully responsive theme or templates for all the major CMSs. I also have used this software for designing WordPress themes.

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    Another excellent roundup as always :) May I also suggest WooShop( a new free WooCommerce ready theme we have created.

    I feel it would be a great fit for your audience, let me know your thoughts?

    Thanks again,


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    how to content write our post.

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    Sir, how to install and run “socute” template , pls share it with full process.

  39. Rocsi

    My navigation isn’t working on shopera.
    Well it is, but it’s showing ALL my pages and I can’t work out why.


  40. jaspreet singh

    nice collection of wp ecommerce themes. My favorite is Shopper theme. thanks for sharing.

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    We released in 2015 the most advanced WooCommerce WordPress theme :, make sure you take a look when you are thinking to update the post.

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    I tried to download Shopper, but it takes me to the Shopera page. Please check and let me know.

    • Jack

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    How can I put it on the WP? because I haven´t found it in the WP´s theme inside the app.

  51. Are these themes free?

    • Rio

      Yes they are.

  52. Hi Allie. (Rio & Co.)
    Thanks for the review post, I’m going to use one of your suggestions in the free mode & if I like how it’s going then I’ll pay for the pro version. It will be my first eCommerce shop but my15th WordPress site. Quick question – how on earth do you manage the comments ? I have to have the plugin – No comments because the spam is just unnatural ! I tried on my first or second blog to filter thru the comments and find the sensible ones / not link spam, etc. But after a while I just gave up because the level of nonsense was mad. Is there any secret to it ? Or do you just have nominated moderators like RIO going thru and trashing the spam, or are there plugins you are using to filter some of the crap out ?
    PS, Don’t trash this please , lol
    Mike F

    • Rio

      Hi dear,

      These free wordpress plugins were the answer for us

      • Antispam Bee
      • WP reCaptcha Integration

      You must have a plugin like “Antispam Bee” which is good at sorting spam comments. It will auto sort spam and good comments into separate folders. We still had to moderate 100 pending comments and clear 1000s of comments in spam folder daily. Even with Antispam Bee some spam comments was entering the system.

      We then added “WP reCaptcha Integration” for maximum effect as it reduces spam by 99% since it adds a reCaptcha system of Google. Some user’s however, may not appreciate it as they have to go through this captcha process before they can add a comment.

      Or You can use Disqus Comment System replacing the default WordPress comments. :D

      The last setting we changed was to “Disable Pingbacks and Trackbacks” – It will get annoying once spam blogs, websites link back to your article and you start getting a notification as comments. (Even if you use WP reCaptcha Integration this type of comments will not be filtered)
      Under Settings -> Discussion Settings -> Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) on new articles.

      I hope this helps. :)

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    Thanks, these are some great templates

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