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New user interface designs are always updated in our website with cool logo designs and modern concepts for web design. The photography inspiration is all about fun, cool high-resolution images, tips and tricks, software, online generators and more.

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Top 12 Free Blogging Sites and Platforms for Content Publishing in 2018

wordpress cms online blogging platform

Blogging is an interesting way to convey your thoughts to others. Blogging takes your hobbies or passion to a whole new level. One could also use blogs to promote business and connect to the users using your products. If you wish to know which blogging platforms are the best in features and will improve your customer experience then …

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Top 15 Social Networking Sites out of these 100

Top 15 Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites we see today are web-based platforms that enable you to freely make a profile and connect with friends from around the world. The world’s famous social networking websites have transformed over the years. They will keep changing to your needs and lifestyle. Those who make use of that change will prosper and …

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16 Best Logo Design Softwares You Must Try

Logo design is a crucial part for any company in order to promote its business message in targeted customers. Logo works for the apparent, rapid and effective transmission of businesses, brands and events communication towards potential people. When you need a perfect logo design for your company or event, you will surely need a help …

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35+ Pet Logo Designs used by Dog and Cat Business

pet logo inspirations

Find amazing pet logos used by modern business that runs pet stores, retail shops, veterinary clinics, photography studios, training schools, branding agencies, hospitals, pet food store and more. From pet grooming to pet training everything is now a business and there is a scope of success for each company. A brilliant logo design that uses …

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The Ultimate List of Mind-Blowing 3D Typography

Save 3d typography

It is very hard to imagine any artwork without typeface or fonts. Without any characters, you will have a very hard time in guessing what the designer is trying to deliver. Add the characters, and suddenly you have got a perfect way of delivering any message through your creations. It is also very important to …

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10 Popular Online Shopping Websites in India

best and shopping websites of india

We need everything fast and everything now as we need instant gratification in online shopping and almost everything. Online market has grown incredibly and shopping websites are throwing us with amazing offers and coupons to increase sales. Furthermore with easy Cardless EMI and other digital wallet services we are now able to buy even premium …

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15+ Most Popular Celebrity Blogs To Follow In 2017

active and Most Popular Celebrity Blogs To Follow In 2017

Celebrities are just like us in a lot of ways. Only richer, but like us they take vacations (with their own private jets), go out shopping, explore new restaurants and even try their hand in blogging. Explore the active world of popular celebrities we have added today. Any celebrity’s blog becomes an instant hit because …

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25+ Brilliant Typography Tutorials for your Next Design

typography tutorials for beginners and experts

Love to design a text logo for your own brand? Or design a poster with beautiful floral effects? Having a unique typography effect in any design is the key to a memorable user experience. Your colleagues, clients will remember your work just from this great typography design. You will soon find out that creativity, patience, …

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30 Best Macro Photography Examples

Today i like to share some exciting photography category- the macro. This macro shots will inspire photographers, photography lovers and anyone who loves nature. Lately we can see the interest in photography raising since everyone these days holds a DSLR and a quality lens in their backpack. Some amazing photography moments that may not be possible to …

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20 Amazing Fashion bloggers with Online Stores

amazing fashion blogger jules

Online commercial sites are constantly being developed and have covered almost every sector. Online fashion is an important section of such sites. There are plentiful options available to choose from. Here is the list of top twenty fashion bloggers who also possess their own online store. This list features top brands that would probably give …

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25+ Showcase of Cool Doodle Art Designs

doodle art designs

Doodle art is a great and advanced sketch idea which can only be made by those who love creativity. The Doodle art is made with expressive illustration and mind-blowing designs. Doodles are simple drawings that can have concrete representational meaning or just a random sketch.  Here you can find some beautiful Doodle art designed for posters …

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17 Best Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

Hand-drawn Type Artworks 2015 tutorials

In this post, I will discuss some of the best tutorials and techniques related to traditional drawing. It is a topic of deep interest for many artists, who are associated with different genres of traditional drawing. Examples attached here are based on beautiful, creative and inspiring manuals for you, to learn the basics of techniques …

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30+ Amazing Dental Logo Examples You Should See

Tunnel dentistry

Having a nice and attractive logo is a very important factor in your branding strategy. Therefore, logos need to have visually appealing design along with focusing on the purpose. Most of the time, people look at the company logo first. Therefore, an ideal logo will let the customers know what they can expect from the …

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30+ Examples of Brand Logo Designs Used by Modern Companies

Travelling-Logo-Design for brands

Nowadays all companies have a brand logo which represent the companies brand in front of the public. Anyone can now identify the company just by looking at the logo. So these days the logo  design plays an important for branding of a company. Designing a logo for the company is a crucial part as that logo …

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