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New user interface designs are always updated in our website and photography is a source of inspiration for all so everything fun, cool images are here in this category.

50+ Best Google Chrome Desktop Apps

google keep

Recent Google app update is impressive unlike extensions which require the browser to make the addon functional, these new desktop apps will stick in your taskbar as if it is an installed software. The app launcher in most cases will run the app without the help of the browser. Google invaded our life, deal with it …

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30 Airline Logos for Design Inspiration

Airmail logo design

Each company has its own definition, this is why conveying the business message to potential customers and partners should be specific and different from others. Along definition, the identity as well as the nature of the business varies from others so while telling people about your business, you should use diverse strategies. Logo – the …

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20+ Best Chrome Themes for your Browser

Lamborghini Cherry - chrome theme

Chrome has emerged as the top browser with its minimalist looks and fast loading capabilities. The fascinating latest updates have improved the look of this modern browser with increased security. Take a look at browser share in wikipedia where we can see Google chrome has worked very hard to get to this top stage. Once …

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16 Best Logo Design Softwares You Must Try


Logo design is a crucial part for any company in order to promote its business message in targeted customers. Logo works for the apparent, rapid and effective transmission of businesses, brands and events communication towards potential people. When you need a perfect logo design for your company or event, you will surely need a help …

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30 Best Watercolor Paintings Examples

Heron - watercolor paintings

Watercolor paintings come under the category of abstract art. All those artists, who know that each shape and color has its own significance, can produce great pieces of art. You don’t need to define the shape and colors, but use them in such a manner that the whole idea can be captured by the viewer …

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40+ Dragon logo designs for Inspiration

true-dragon logo

Dragon is a mythological creature, is also a symbol of power, strength, and wealth for people. Using a mythical dragon in a logo is very attractive and can give viewers a sense of tradition and sometimes resemble things based up in Asian countries like Japan and china. There are different types of art styles utilized while doing a dragon logo. …

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Top 15 Social Networking Sites out of these 100

Top 15 Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites are web-based platforms that enable you to make a profile and connect with friends from around the world. The world’s famous social networking websites have transformed over the years. They will keep changing to your needs and lifestyle. Those who make use of that change will prosper and other social networks that …

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30+ Well Crafted Photography Logos Used in Studios, Websites

Logo design for a local Photographer

Photography is a vibrant field that needs a glamorous and stylish promotion. Therefore, designers keep trying to introduce the perfectly designed and creative logos that best suit to the photography industry. However, some people are bit more mindful about their photography company’s promotion and they need best design to fulfill their expectations. If you are …

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33 Examples of Long Exposure Photography for Inspiration

light balls

Long exposure photography is related to the photography theme that is used to blur the moving objects and make still objects sharp or moved in the frame. You would simply need to position your camera on tripod so it doesn’t shake or replace when you are capturing photos. I am going to share some breathtaking …

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30 Amazing Examples of Parallax Scrolling Sites

Rimmel London

Parallax scrolling has been one of the hottest web designing trends for some time now. The use of parallax animations allow the web designers to provide the visitors with an exciting new way of navigating and exploring website content. By using slick and smooth animation effects, even a dull web page can become very interesting. …

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The Ultimate List of Mind-Blowing 3D Typography

Save 3d typography

It is very hard to imagine any artwork without typeface or fonts. Without any characters, you will have a very hard time in guessing what the designer is trying to deliver. Add the characters, and suddenly you have got a perfect way of delivering any message through your creations. It is also very important to …

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25 Inspirational Examples of Firework Photography

sample shot of firework photography

Fireworks are quite fascinating to watch and they are mostly used for celebrating any major event. Amazing displays of firework are held thorough the world on New Year. At this occasion photographers come into action and get their lenses ready for some amazing clicks. Taking the right photographs is very important and when it comes …

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20 Useful InfoGraphic Design Examples

InfoGraphic example design of life

Using Infographics, in a strategic manner, can help in creating attractive demonstrations. That is the reason that you see several professional developers making use of infographics, on their websites, to communicate with the viewers. Here, I will discuss fundamentals of infographics. I have seen many people making a few basic mistakes. Don’t worry with the …

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20 Fabulous Examples of Waterscapes Photography

waterscapes Photography

Nature provides us with an endless opportunity to explore our skills. All you need is a keen observation, passion for photography and the right tools to interpret your observations. Most of the successful photographers have taken inspiration from natural landscapes. In this article, we will see the 20 most interesting and well-photographed waterscapes. For beginners, …

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30 Best Macro Photography Examples


Today i like to share some exciting photography category- the macro. This macro shots will inspire photographers, photography lovers and anyone who loves nature. Lately we can see the interest in photography raising since everyone these days holds a DSLR and a quality lens in their backpack. Some amazing photography moments that may not be possible to …

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