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New user interface designs are always updated in our website with cool logo designs and modern concepts for web design. The photography inspiration is all about fun, cool high-resolution images, tips and tricks, software, online generators and more.

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17 Best Tutorials and Techniques on Traditional Drawing

Hand-drawn Type Artworks 2015 tutorials

In this post, I will discuss some of the best tutorials and techniques related to traditional drawing. It is a topic of deep interest for many artists, who are associated with different genres of traditional drawing. Examples attached here are based on beautiful, creative and inspiring manuals for you, to learn the basics of techniques …

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30+ Amazing Dental Logo Examples You Should See

Tunnel dentistry

Having a nice and attractive logo is a very important factor in your branding strategy. Therefore, logos need to have visually appealing design along with focusing on the purpose. Most of the time, people look at the company logo first. Therefore, an ideal logo will let the customers know what they can expect from the …

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20+ Amazing Church Website Designs from all over the world

loft church website design

Some of the amazing church website designs from around the world are listed here. Take inspiration from these list of church websites and build a unique website for your church. Let us know how you find these helpful. How to build your own church website ? Like any other business and organizations, it became important …

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30 Security Logos for Your Brand

Logo is the perfect way to tell people about your business, its motives and aims effectively in a way that not any other tool or source can do. Logo should be designed by keeping its effects in mind so that you can be familiar with its impression on world. It should be considered that logo …

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30 Awesome Examples of Street Photography


Street photography requires creativity, strength and the desire to find the perfect place and moment. Street photography can be formal and informal also. You will need to make the most out of natural poses and put some technical stuff in your photography also. For a painter a piece of canvas is very important and for …

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30 Brilliant Metal Business Cards

Business always looks for promotion and hence this process needs such tools and ways through which any business can grow professionally yet perfectly. Customers and partners know your business through logos, pamphlets, websites, business cards and several other resources. However, business card is a tool, reaches beyond expected people including clients, partners and potential customers. …

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20 Best Examples of Rain Photography and Droplets

shots of rain photography

There are many locations and subjects that look mesmerizing – during and after rain that gives you the chances of Rain photography shots. Photographers want to experiment different shots in rain, to quench their passion for photography. In the beginning, you will need to learn how to capture the right photo under different circumstances and …

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20 Examples of Awesome Typography

Typography is a technique of arranging text to make objects and written languages. The arrange of type includes lines images texts with different shapes and size to make the design perfect. Here is some examples of typography designs.The arrangement of type involves selecting typefaces, point size, line length, line-spacing (leading), letter-spacing (tracking), and adjusting the …

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35 Modern Star Logos for Inspiration

Get the feel of Star logos inspired by the heavenly stars pouring a blend of vastness and elegant flow letting you create a inspiring logo design for your client. Logo design is the basic must do part of website theme design before making the website public. The importance of logos are undeniable as a example you …

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20+ Awesome Amazon Redesign Concepts

Amazon Redesign Concept by Venkatesh

Despite its start as a small online bookstore, Amazon has gradually become the leading ecommerce platform in the world. The company now offers a wide range of products to its customers. With its gigantic customer base, Amazon has also become one of the most visited websites in the internet. And the huge popularity comes with …

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25 Inspiring Designs for your Next Pricing Table

An attractive pricing table is crucial for creating a positive impact on the mind of your potential customers. And if you can show a bit of creativity there, that will be really awesome. But that’s the problem. When we think about designing pricing tables, we generally tend to encourage the customer to go for our …

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30+ Artistic Die Cut Business Card Designs with Fantastic Ideas

custom die cut card design

Today’s digital world demands everything to be online, one thing we can be sure of is that business cards are not going to be replaced by the digital market anytime soon. People fail to understand that the personal touch is being lost in the long run where basically everything is happening online, may it be …

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30+ Feather Logo Concepts You Shouldn’t Miss

Record Label Logo

When it comes to designing logos, inspirations could be drawn from any object. Feather is one such object which has been used over and over again. We have seen lots of logos featuring different variations of feathers. And still, there are lots of undiscovered ways to use this object for designing a new logo. According …

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21 Folded Business Cards for Your Inspiration

Sergii Bogulavkyi Business Card

Every designer needs inspirations at a regular basis. The creative designs and unique ideas of other people help them to push their boundaries and create stunning new designs. As this is a crucial thing for young, aspiring designers, we always try to feature some of the best designs and ideas from all over the internet. …

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How to build proper FAQ Pages- 20 Examples

If you are running a website that is dealing with general audience or some specific customers, then it is compulsory to have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ( section in your website. The FAQ section will provide answers to the common questions that are asked repeatedly. By providing them in one place, you don’t have …

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