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30 Brilliant Metal Business Cards

Business always looks for promotion and hence this process needs such tools and ways through which any business can grow professionally yet perfectly. Customers and partners know your business through logos, pamphlets, websites, business cards and several other resources. However, business card is a tool, reaches beyond expected people including clients, partners and potential customers. This is why, if designed proficiently, it can be one and only way that helps businesses in an appropriate manner to promote them. Business cards can be of any type, variety, material, color and design, but what matters here is their impression on next person. Designers try their ass off to create such stunning cards that can impress people, still apart from design; some materials also hold special importance as a way to impress others, such as metal cards.

Metal business cards are mostly used as a permanent source of information of any company due to the durability and effectiveness. The major purposes of selecting metal cards for your company may include durability of metal, its style, finishes, design, impressiveness and colors, like brass, gold, silver, black, copper etc. Today, I am bringing some stunning metal business card examples for card designers as well as for businesses that want to see in which way they can promote their business if use metal cards. Check out each card category and find out how many colors, design and style are being used in creating impressive business cards with metals.

In metallic business cards, black color indicates style, perfection, and elegant when it comes to the efficacy of promotion and reputation among customers and partners. Black color metal cards can be created in different patterns and styles to give a unique look to appeal people. Check out the following collection of black metal cards for businesses that will enhance your motivation and will give you inspirational encourage in designing you own business cards.

Different type of carving, if applied can improve the look of ordinary black metal card. Any pattern carving or you can apply the logo icon carving in cards and you are done.

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1. The Coach Black Metal Business Cards

The Coach Black Metal Business Cards

2. Black on Black Metal Business Card

Black on Black Metal Business Card

3. Black Metal Business Card

Black Metal Business Card

4. Matte Black Stainless Steel Business Cards

Matte Black Stainless Steel Business Cards

5. One Sharp

One Sharp

6. Black Metal VIP Cards

Black Metal VIP Cards

Silver alone or combine with black, gives out the awesome items whenever is applied. For instance, check out the following first two images of silver metal business card with the combination of black color. You will see they are looking fabulous and you can use this theme too in your cards. Other than these two business card examples, all are pure silver stainless steel metal cards. Simple yet alluring plain silver cards hold their own personality when it comes to impress the others. Check out them carefully and get inspired with this beneficial collection of silver metal cards for businesses like you own.

7. Mathias Tanguy

Mathias Tanguy

8. Real Estate Metal Business Card

Real Estate Metal Business Card

9. Brushed Metal Business Card Design

Brushed Metal Business Card Design

10. Metal Business Cards

Metal Business Cards

11. Motorcycle Metal Business Card

Motorcycle Metal Business Card

12. Brushed Stainless Steel

Brushed Stainless Steel

13. Donor


14. Story Structure

Story Structure

15. Logeen


Brass is another most eye-catching metal, if used for business card creation specifically. Brass finishes metal cards are also very ‘in’ when it comes to style, performance and efficiency. You use pure brass metal for cards or use brass finishes on other metals, both looks fabulous and attractive, so why to waste your time, go ahead and select brass metal or brass finishes as your card material and impress your customers and partners in a dynamic way.

16. Brass Finish Cards

Brass Finish Cards

17. Brass Finish Card With Die-Cut Logo

Brass Finish Card With Die-Cut Logo

18. Brass Finish Metal Card

Brass Finish Metal Card

19. Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

Brass Finish Metal Membership Card

20. Brass Finish Metal Business Card

Brass Finish Metal Business Card

When we talk about colors, we may assume them as a way of conveying messages or express our feelings, emotions and messages to next person. For instance, black color indicates style and impression, while white depicts peace and purity, red is an element of love and passion, pink portrays the sympathy. Same goes with business cards created with any metal but printed in different colors to communicate your business message to potential people. Check out the following attractive colored metal cards and get inspired with awesome looks.

21. Stainless Steel Business Card

Stainless Steel Business Card

22. Pride Retail Metal Business Cards

Pride Retail Metal Business Cards

23. Personal Identity Business Cards

Personal Identity Business Cards

24. Cortex


25. Metal Business Card

Metal Business Card

26. Metallic Business Cards

Metallic Business Cards

Now check out this gold metallic business card and see how it has been carved by pattern on upper and lower sides with excellent design. The colors used for text are also giving out the excited feelings. You can use such patterns on left and right sides rather than upper and lower, it depends on your taste and preference.

27. Gold Metal Business Card

Gold Metal Business Card

Copper, another very excellent metal can also be used for creating dazzling business cards. Look at the clean and clear finishes, simple text carving, and stylish texture of this card. I hope it would help you in deciding your own copper finish design.

28. Copper Finish Metal Business Card

Copper Finish Metal Business Card

29. Copper Finished Card For Copper Barrel Distillery

Copper Finished Card For Copper Barrel Distillery

Diamond plate, or also known as aluminum diamond plate texture has been used on this card. However it is a stainless steel metal but gives the diamond plate finishes.

30. Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Business Card

Diamond Plate Stainless Steel Business Card

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